A Brief History of the Jogger

Le Cog Sportif

The Statue of Liberty, actress Marion Cotillard, and champagne are just a few of the great things brought to us from France. But little realize that France is where the original sweatpants were first designed and created, as well. 

French sports founder of Le Coq Sportif, Emile Camuset, is credited to have invented the comfortable sportswear, initially intended to keep athletes comfortable and their muscles and joints warm. 

Camuset saw the invention of sweatpants as much-needed comfortable sportswear for athletes at the time and the simple gray sweatpants were aptly named for their ability to absorb sweat. 

It wasn’t until the character, Rocky Balboa, and the movie, Rocky showed us just how stylish sweatpants could be; setting off a trend that has shown little abatement. Rocky’s iconic Philadelphia jogging scene to the top of the stairs, forever changed how people viewed sweatpants and thus, the athleisure movement was launched. 

Fast forward a few decades and the jogger has become as popular as ever with both women and men enjoying the many different styles, materials, and patterns within the jogger. 

Both athletes and nonathletes alike love the simplicity of the jogger, coupled with its ability to dress up with a simple cardigan, white t-shirt, or athletic kicks.

The introduction of the jogger pants was a major economic boost for the apparel companies; back in the 1920s, the feel-good lazy pants had a rather baggy look as they ran to the ground with the obvious absence of a tapered feature as seen in the new jogger pants. 

Initially, the jogger pants that graduated from the sweat pants were made of fleece material, which was the original idea until someone mistakenly sampled the stretch twill material that led to the birth of the contemporary jogger pants. 

At Amerisport, we pride ourselves on our version of the Jogger in each of our collections, Betsy Ross, Thin Blue Line, Don’t Tread On Me, Freedom, and Liberty lines. 

Whether you are looking for something comfortable to work out in or you are looking for a casual look that keeps you comfortable and warm, there is a good chance you will find one of our Joggers just the fit you wanted. 

Add to the jogger, our signature designs, representing the greatness of our beloved country and made entirely within the USA, It’s a product that will live forever in the hearts and minds of consumers throughout the world.