Five Important Reasons For Drinking Water Everyday

Five Important Reasons For Drinking Water Everyday

It is said that the longest anyone can go without food without causing great damage is about 30 days. However, that length of time is increasingly shortened when it comes to drinking water. When going without water, the window of survival shrinks to around 7 days! That fact, in and of itself should be enough to inform you that water is extremely important to the human body. 

At Amerisport, a good many of our customers use our workout sports gear to run, cycle, jog, lift weights, do yoga, etc.. Here are our top five important reasons for drinking water every day!  

#1 Our ligaments and joints Need to stay Hydrated

We’ve all heard the children’s song, Dem Bones, right? The toe bone's connected to the foot bone; The foot bone's connected to the ankle bone, etc.. Yes. That one. Well - it stands to reason that for all of that connectedness, one’s joints, ligaments, and bones MUST stay hydrated! Adults are comprised of 60% water and our blood is 90% water. By drinking water every day, we are literally allowing our body’s range of motion to work more effectively. 

#2 Mental Acuity

Have you ever gone without water for more than several hours and you start to notice that there is this looming fog cluttering up your thoughts? Or worse, you have been cramming to finish a workload or school paper and decided that you are just going to drink tons of coffee to keep you going for the day, only to find out that the caffeine is actually making you more tired? Those are pretty strong indicators that you are starting to become dehydrated! It’s true. Once you begin hydrating yourself with good, clean water, your brain seems to have a reboot and that cloud of fog that once hung over you begins to disappear. 

#3 Body Temperature

Water is an extremely important player in helping to regulate body temperature. Water is stored in the middle layers of the skin that when our body temp increases, sweat is released and then evaporated to cool down our bodies. What is more, it has been shown that a body with less water tends to not be able to withstand too many sweltering days in the sun. 

#4 Digestive Track and System

Water is crucial in helping us fight off digestive disorders such as stomach acid, heartburn, or constipation. It also helps us remove waste from the body in the form of urine. What is more, without enough water, our blood pressure goes up, as well as our risk of heart attacks.

#5 Weight Loss

If ever there was a reason to drink water every day; this is it!  Drinking water and staying hydrated every day actually help to keep you slimmer. Because our bodies are properly hydrated, they are functioning at optimal levels and that goes for the regulation of body fat, as well. 

At Amerisport, we are big proponents of staying hydrated on a daily basis and it is one of the key factors we considered when designing our Sportswear apparel with Polyester and Rayon. Both of these materials help, not only wick away moisture but allow the body to cool efficiently and quickly. Of course, our awesome patriotic designs always help make our products that much more fun and liberating, too!