Made In the USA: Three Best reasons to buy American

Made in America blog post

It’s no secret that multinational corporations often use foreign labor to make products and then sell them back to America and other first-world countries. This practice allows the companies to pay very low wages to the workers abroad and still turn a hefty profit by marking up, sometimes 500%. As an example, the cost of a sweatshirt made in China would cost about $3-$5. That same sweatshirt could then be turned around and sold to a consumer in America for about $25-$30. Of course, as Americans, we’re always looking for the best deals, and The Walmarts, Amazons, and Sam’s Clubs of the world have us convinced that we are getting the sweetheart deal! However, when you peek behind the curtain, it begins to become apparent that buying overseas brings with it problems that you never expected. Here are the three best reasons to buy only Made in the USA and not Made in some nefarious country.

#1. American Jobs and the Economy

When corporations outsource the manufacturing of products to other countries, it hurts both job security and growth in the American economy. As Americans, we take pride in creating sturdy and high-quality products. When you buy a product made in the USA, you are not only buying the best in quality, but you are creating jobs for Americans and keeping unemployment and inflation at bay. 

#2.  Poor Quality and Workmanship 

With some exceptions to the rule, most materials used abroad and in countries with cheap labor are subpar. Oftentimes after repeated washings and wearings, or usage of the clothing and or products, they begin to tear, break, and otherwise become unusable. What is more, since the manufacturing of these products is done in such an expedited fashion, the workmanship put into the products by the laborer is hurried and there is more of an emphasis put on quantity rather than quality. 

#3. Guaranteed Quality of Goods

Products made in the USA are put through a stringent protocol of quality control. All products made have gone through several inspections and are guaranteed to be free from harsh chemicals or materials of any kind that may hurt a consumer. Also, American Made products are known to last almost twice as long as a product made overseas.

So, while American’s love a good deal, in the end, it really is a raw deal for the consumer. For just a few dollars more, the benefits of purchasing Made In America products are simply a win-win for the American consumer and America at large.

We at Amerisport invite you to experience the difference between American-made sportswear while supporting our great domestic workers and economy.