Patriotic Apparel: The new chic

Patriotic Apparel: The new chic

Pride in country is not a new concept. In fact, pride and nationalism and where you were born or where your family came from is common around the world.  Pride in America, whether native born or an immigrant, runs deep for most.  Natives, lucky enough to be born in the US, and immigrants lucky enough to become US citizens, realize America is a unique and special place in the world.

Americans looking to display their pride have been flying their flags since we became an independent nation and signed our historic declaration of independence in 1776.

The first versions of our flag began to be flown in the late 18th century, mostly for military purposes. It wasn’t until after the civil war that the flag and other patriotic symbolism became more prolific. In the late 1800s, new printing technology brought a wave of patriotic advertisements and goods for sale. The flag began taking center stage at political rallies and appearing on items like beer bottles and soup cans. But it was not until the 1950s that it became popular to wear the flag (except for on the Fourth of July), likely due to U.S. involvement in Korea and Vietnam, which people supported and protested by donning the Stars and Stripes.

In the late 80s and 90s popular designers began using flag and patriotic designs as part of their collections, and when 911 happened, there was a wave of celebrities wearing patriotic apparel, which helped supplant the style and create a demand which continues today.

Shorts, skirts, bandanas, etc. adorned with American flag designs and patriotic colors became the new chic. What better way to show your patriotism and American pride, by wearing clothes designed to show off your love of country.

A lot of patriotic apparel is fashionable to wear on almost every occasion, and many people wear it with pride as a symbol of their love for country. In fact, there are several days throughout the year that wearing patriotic clothing is not only fashionable but celebratory.

Monday, May 30 is Memorial Day 2022 in the United States

What a great day to show your appreciation and respect for the men and women who bravely fought for Americans to live freely. Wearing an American Flag hoodie, T-shirt or leggings adored with an Americana-inspired design.

Monday, July 4th is Fourth of July 2022 in the United States

Without a doubt, a certifiable day to wear your patriotic apparel with fervor and pride. Celebrating our American independence adorned with patriotic apparel is something that Americans relish year after year.

Monday, February 21st is President’s Day in the United States

Celebrating the great American presidents that have served our country over the last two hundred plus years has become a requisite for many Americans looking to display their nationalism by wearing patriotic apparel and accessories.

It has become clear that patriotic clothing, while popular on several American holidays, has also become mainstream in American culture and as nationalism grows, so does the demand for patriotic clothing and accessories.

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