The Best Hoodies and Long Sleeve T-shirts For Fall

Amerisport's Fall collection is now available.

Labor Day is here! And just like that, Summer 2021 comes to an end. Time to start thinking about triple venti lattes, cooler weather, and more layers of clothing to keep you warm for the early morning commutes and fall weather. 

While there are certainly a lot of different styles of sweatshirts, jackets, and pullovers, nothing seems as robust and practical as a good hoodie to keep your body and head warm in cooler temperatures! But with the enormous array of styles, colors, and materials, which hoodies are the best? Well, the answer to that question lies within several other questions.

Are you a person who likes lighter-weighted material with little frills? Someone who needs to have pockets built into their hoodies? Or maybe you can’t do without a pull cord that allows you to tighten the hood to fit snugly around your face? 

Then there’s the full zip-up hoodie, the v-neck, ¼ zip-up hoodie, the sweatshirt hoodie that provides a ton of warmth without the bother of a zipper. And, of course, what kind of material do you tend to be most comfortable with? Polyester? Cotton? 

At Amerisport, we know hoodies and long sleeve t’s and these are our picks for Fall 2021.

  1. ¼ Zip Pullover - It is made of 85% mid-weight water-resistant polyester and 15% rayon for an incredibly comfortable fit. The light material allows for breathability and style. This popular pullover comes replete with several different Americana designs in our Betsy Ross, Freedom, Liberty, Thin Blue Line, and Camo collection.
  1. Unisex Hooded Sweatshirt - With a drawstring hood and pre-shrunk fabric, this polyester rayon blend provides a high level of comfort and warmth. With our signature Amerisport design in our Betsy Ross, Freedom, Liberty, Thin Blue Line, and Camo collection. 
  1. Long Sleeve T-shirt - Made of 100% Polyester and designed in our signature Americana graphics, this long sleeve t-shirt provides warmth and comfort without having to put on a pullover or sweatshirt. 

Looking for more than just hoodies or long sleeve t-shirts? Check out Amerisport's full line of Made in America collections and designs. We carry a huge line of both men's and women sportswear and we invite you to experience our brand.