The Origin of Americana

Americana that helped shape America

From the mid to late 20th century, Americana was largely conceptualized as nostalgia for an idealized life in small towns and cities in the United States around the turn of the century, roughly in the period between 1880 and the First World War, popularly considered "The Good Old Days".

Today the word Americana is used in many different constructs and vernacular to describe or evoke a sense of patriotism in the form of art, folklore, music, and handcrafted items related to American history.

Americana elicits feelings and thoughts about a gone-by-era in America, like Drive-in movie theaters, carhops, gas station attendants, baseball, and warm apple pies! Lest we not forget the Americana of Levi jeans, James Dean, Coca-cola, the Saturday evening post, the American diner, Jukebox, and Howdy Doody! The list goes on and on. 

However, as we move forward into our post-Americana world, a new term has begun to populate throughout the American lexicon and that is the phrase, Modern Americana. 

This new term has given rise to furniture design, wall art, clothing, jewelry, etc.. and it focuses on rustic Americana design, from rustic signs to sturdy wood couches or beds to framed art to t-shirts and, yes, sportswear! 

Embracing our nationalism with pride and enthusiasm has given rise to other cultures and countries that see our Americana art, music, folklore, clothing, etc.. as a pop culture phenomenon that they, too, embrace! Nothing is more evident of this than the country of Japan where Levi Jeans are worth about $500 per pair, in fact, anything Americana fetches a very high price due to the popularity of the Americana brand. And in Mexico, having Coca-cola in your home to offer guests, signifies that you have arrived.   

At Amerisport we salute all things Americana and even pay homage with our unique product line that embraces everything American. 

We invite you to check out what we have in stock and reach out to us with any questions you may have about our Amerisport lines.