Three Tips For Your Spring Workout Apparel

Three Tips For Your Spring Workout Apparel

As happens every year around this time, as the days get longer and the nights
get shorter; flowers begin to bloom, bees begin to buzz and we as a society
begin to emerge from our homes into the glorious outdoors for sunshine and
exercise. It is Spring in the Northern Hemisphere!

A long jog through the local mountain pass or an afternoon cycle among the
evergreens, or maybe an outdoor Pilates or yoga class beckons us. Suddenly we realize, It is time to restock the work-out apparel.

But finding the right workout apparel can sometimes seem an audacious task.
Here are three tips to consider when choosing your Spring workout apparel!

#1 Breathability
As we begin to exert ourselves, it is important that we select apparel that allows
our bodies to breath. Selecting a sports bra, racer back tank, yoga shorts,
leggings, joggers or tank top that is designed to wick away sweat, allows for
greater cooling of our bodies and allows us to maintain stamina. Without proper
ventilation and cooling, our bodies are not able to function at optimum capacity. It is for this reason that breathability is our number one tip!

#2 Flexibility
Apparel designed to stretch and bend with the contours of our movement, allow
us to feel less encumbered and makes for a much easier workout in almost every form of exercise. Choosing workout apparel that is a blend of both polyester and cotton allows for the overall mobility and stretch that is crucial to a good workout.

When our apparel begins to restrict our movements or somehow hinders us from a complete workout, it is the apparel that is designed with the greatest range of motion that will be our most ardent ally.

#3 Style
Let’s face it. Working out is hard. It takes a lot of determination and a lot of
motivation just to keep going. It definitely helps to have workout apparel that is
designed with fashion in mind. Considering how the workout apparel is cut and
how it hangs or fits onto our frames is an important consideration. While we want to be dedicated to the workout, it is our human instinct of humility to also want to feel good about how we look. And if the workout apparel is designed to fit the contours of our body, then our mood is elevated, and we are motivated more to keep going no matter how difficult the workout.

At Amerisport we celebrate and value all who work out and pursue their goals
with determination and resolve. We take pride in our collection of workout
apparel for every level of athletic performance, and we wholeheartedly welcome
the arrival of spring and with it the Spring workout apparel.