What Color is Your Workout?

Amerisport sportswear and color spectrum

It’s hard to imagine and may even seem a bit kooky, but what you wear when you workout does indeed make a difference, some say. 

It’s hard enough to stay motivated to wake up every morning and go to the gym or run a few miles before or after work. Thinking about what you are going to wear, especially the color of that item is most likely the farthest from your mind! 

But some experts say that the colors you actually wear have a profound impact on your energy levels, mood, inertia, etc… 

If you choose a hard red color, Red is a powerful color and, as the longest wavelength in the spectrum, can ramp up your workout by increasing your heart rate. It’s perfect for boxing or CrossFit when you just need to get out that pent-up stress. But, when choosing red, one should be careful as it can also cause agitation or aggressiveness and make your workout more stressful than endorphin-releasing. 

If you choose the color blue,  blue hues run on a 25 percent shorter wavelength than red, they actually appear much lighter in weight. But, since you can’t control the color of the dumbbells at your gym, it’s a good thing blues also have been shown to boost productivity and concentration levels.

The color, Green on the other hand has been known to create a sense of nature, calming, soothing, like we are surrounded by nature. During long winter months when exercising outside becomes difficult, wearing a color that is reminiscent of being outdoors in nature helps keep us going that extra mile. 

Light Pink helps put you in a more laser-focused state that includes good breathing and endurance.

All of these colors do that much better when complemented with strong white and grey color blending. 

At Amerisport, our Americana designs of red, white, and blue hues are the perfect color balancing act for every color of your workout. 

Or for a more simple design, check out our Amerisport collection with our Amerisport logo and sportswear in five solid colors to choose from Red, Royal, Navy, Black, Grey, Orange.