Our Story

Amerisport is an American sportswear company founded and run by a group of patriotic pro-American's who love America and the founding ideals of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We're a fiercely independent bunch, much like our revolutionary ancestors we like to think, that believe in limited government and as much personal human freedom as possible. We also love sports and active lifestyles whether that's playing ball with your buddies, running a marathon or simply taking a walk around the neighborhood. Like Americans before us, activity is in our DNA.
Many of us have worked in the sporting goods industry over the past few decades and recently became disenchanted when some of our favorite sportswear companies started supporting and promoting sponsors and causes that were un-American at the least and ignorant at the worst. In addition to that, news coming to light that these companies were hypocritical in how they portrayed themselves and their causes and did business behind the scenes. As someone famous once said, if you're going to talk the talk you gotta walk the walk.
There always needs to be a spark to light a fire for an entrepreneur to start the massive investment of time, money and energy to create a business and that was ours. We felt like there were probably many other people who felt the same way we do; who love wearing great sportswear, who love America and who prefer wearing a brand that more closely matches they're ideals and values.
So with that in mind we set out to create a sportswear brand that
1) offered excellent quality products
2) provided great customer service
3) celebrated all that is great about America
4) is 100% made in the USA to keep jobs and dollars here to help our communities and fellow citizens.
We can guarantee you we'll never have a spokesperson who praises dictators like Castro or thinks America is systemically racist. You'll also never hear any mention of a need for diversity or inclusion. American is a melting pot, it's the most diverse country on the planet. Look at our Thanksgiving company lunch picture above for gosh sake, and we're a small company! Considering how diverse America is, we really do get along quite well despite what some folks would have you believe.
We can guarantee you we will promote all that is good about America's past and the hope for a bright future to continue as the beacon of light to the world. We can also guarantee you, just like America, no one or one thing is perfect, but with the indomitable American spirit that created this country, pioneered the west, fought a war to end slavery, created all the amazing inventions we enjoy today, defeated fascism and communism, pulled more people out of poverty than any other system in the world and put a man on the moon (to name a few), we'll try our best to be the best we can possibly be too.
If you know anything about capitalism it's the most democratic economic system ever invented.  Why?  Because companies are only successful when they're pleasing their customers.  The customer has the ultimate vote.  So if you choose to become an Amerisport customer we'll truly be grateful for your patronage. It will be our honor and privilege to serve you!