We Believe

When we originally started in business years ago, all a business was expected to do was to provide great products and take good care of its customers.  Now it seems they’re all taking sides politically and socially.Over the last 30 plus years we’ve seen a lot change in society but our principles are still the same.  So in the spirit of this brave new business world, here they are in no particular order, like ‘em or not.We love America, all the good it’s done for the world, all it represents and the promise of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all current and future citizens. We believe capitalism is the best way to help and support your community and country by providing jobs so your fellow citizens can support themselves.We love American hero’s, it’s founding fathers and the many great men and woman that have contributed to make this country so great.


We love our military, police, fire, EMT’s and all others who put themselves in harms way to protect us and our way of life.We could care less what color your skin is, what country you came from or who you love.We do care about the content of your character.We do believe there are only two genders man and woman, any more is just plain confusing.We believe in a hand up not a hand out.We believe persistence is the most important trait a person can have if they want to be successful in life.We believe in taking responsibility, the blame game is for losers.We believe you generally get what you pay for.We believe free is relative since someone has to pay for it ultimately.We love American traditions like baseball, Apple pie, Mom and saluting the flag during the anthem.
We believe the use of the f-word in regular conversation has gotten out of hand.  You want a more civil society, clean up the language.We believe simply saying please, thank you, and giving a stranger a smile and hello makes the world a better place.We believe competition makes us better.We believe with teamwork and a can do attitude anything can be accomplished.We believe America is best when it’s a melting pot, let's get rid of the hyphens.We believe American freewill has unleashed a torrent of creativity like nothing in the history of mankind that has benefited the world over.We believe the glass is half full and try to avoid people who believe otherwise, they’re a drag on real progress.We believe government has become bloated, inefficient, and in too many cases, self-serving.We believe the past is great for two things, reliving great successes and learning from mistakes.Let’s focus on the best future we can imagine.We believe you should treat people the way you’d want them to treat your grandmother, courteous and respectful.  And if they're friends, it’s ok to bust their chops from time to time.  It keeps things fun and light. If you believe something different, welcome to America where it’s ok to have different opinions.